The Transformation continues at Jupiter Steel

Another month has passed by and the work on transforming the Jupiter steel business continues in earnest! The focus in the last month has been the rear of the leased premises, sorting out the steel that has accumulated over the years, throwing out product that is no good into the recycling bin, storing product in an orderly fashion that may be used for future jobs. 

The transformation continues to excite the staff with them coming up with numerous ideas for improvements for the business which are being recorded in an ideas registry and are all being actively followed up by management. To date 3 of the ideas have either been implemented or in the process of being implemented. One example is the refurbishment of the staff change rooms and the lunchroom. This is scheduled to be quoted in September and completed by the end of November. 

The landlord has also been involved in the transformation contributing by refurbishing areas of the roof allowing more natural light to enter into the fabrication area and ensuring that necessary repairs are undertaken quickly and efficiently.

Stay tuned for further updates.